The Sticks – Upper Kangaroo Valley

  • The Sticks is a single house located on a rural property deep within the Upper Kangaroo River farming area.

The design explores the response to a stunning landscape context as the major influence on the planning program that would accommodate up to 10 people in comfort. The Sticks is an example of a new typology, one which blurs the line between residential and boutique hotel, which we term Sociable Housing. It allows for large numbers of people to experience good design as a retreat from everyday life.  

Each space, set out along a fragmented axial spine wall connects with the dominant escarpment views. Three linear pavilions attached to one side of the timber-clad spine walls  form the defining edges of the house. 

The house expresses a rawness and rugged simplicity in response to the surrounding environment, that allows the visitor’s senses to be elevated.




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