The Focus House – Mitchell Parade, Mollymook Beach

The Focus House is a single house located on the beachfront to the north of Mollymook Beach.

The design explores the response to a stunning ocean context as the major influence on the planning program that would accommodate a family in comfort.

The Focus House is an example how architecture can negotiate with its steep site and explore view corridors. Its bold street façade spells out the shifting view focus as you elevate up the site taking photographs of the view, emphasising each focal point as you progress.

A light filled circulation corridor including lift over 3 levels connects for convenient transition throughout the house. Aluminium standing seam cladding and teaxturecoated ‘AFS’ walling meet the demands of its high salt environment.

The house expresses its shifting focus over the ocean, a simple yet striking response to the surrounding environment, that allows the visitor’s senses to be elevated.



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