Wing & Vista House – Stockyard Mountain Rd, Jamberoo

The wing and vista house  is a self-sufficient high-end retreat house set on a mountain clearing overlooking the magnificent Southern Illawarra coastline and hinterland around Jamberoo.

The brief required a home that exemplified sustainable design parameters for a young family, and which at other times would serve as a demonstration project for the capabilities of an emerging Master Builder on the South Coast. The design was also required to do justice to the unique and breath-taking site of 35 hectares and its commanding coastal outlook. 

The program accommodates two adults, two young children and visiting young adults of an active builders family. This was achieved using two single level pavilions, of simple rectangular form linked by a glazed structure, which then framed a protected pool courtyard opening out to the view. A simple and honest aesthetic that allowed the stunning natural environment to dominate was desired and achieved.

A prominent feature is the combination of 35mm thick Blackbutt shiplap vertical cladding, for warmth and beauty, appropriate to its natural setting, contrasted with an upper band of low maintenance pre-finished fire rated aluminium sandwich panel, which allowed crisp detailing of the roof perimeter.

The incorporation of a 7kw solar power system, 180kl water collection storage, and reuse and onsite waste water treatment combined with low maintenance, durable materials gives a project that is totally self-sufficient.

The strong visual connection between internal and external spaces is maintained for every room, allowing both residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the site’s dramatic mountain top location.


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