Banksia – The Marina, Culburra Beach

Banksia is a multi-storey house located on the dunes of Culburra beach

The design explores a response to the stunning ocean views to the south as in Major influence in the planning arrangement to accommodate a family in beachside living.

Banksia is an example of negotiating between multiple issues such as:

  • Steep site over 4 levels in drop
  • High bushfire rating of bal FZ (flame zone)
  • its fantastic views to the east and optimal orientation to the north.
  • Coastal erosion zone
  • Vegative buffer

The Strategy for this project was to negate all these issues in a well bounded architectural form.

Other features of the design include:

  • A sheltered courtyard is tucked away for those strong north easterly windy days.
  • A mix of Materials such as battened compressed fibre cement, stone cladding and silver top ash hardwood as timber decking.
  • Integrated Bal Flame zone bushfire shutter that recess under soffits
  • Inside outside off form concrete bench with integrated sliding window
  • interior timber veneers

The house expresses a simple yet intelligent coastal response to its steep site and surrounding environment.



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